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The Hundred Blog is a place where you’ll find posts about travel via Krista's everlasting wanderlust, inspired ramblings on life, her two cents on fashion, health and beauty products, and music that she currently has on repeat.

Krista Williams, creator of Hundred Blog, is into growth and personal development, a few passionate causes, and a lover of all things that evoke a feeling or action. In her quest for mind/body/soul mastery, She's become bit of a fitness freak, too. When she's not on a plane, or with friends, most times you can probably find her on a bike at SoulCycle or on her yoga mat.

Hundred Blog, or saying 'Hundred' means to the fullest. It's 100% of the way, and it's a staple in my vocabulary and the a metaphor for how I live my life  - it's nothing less than 100%, all of the time.




Bloom is a social platform based on of Los Angeles, CA designed to connect people with similar hobbies and interests. Users connect and build friendships through common interests rather than through the judgment of a single photo. 

Bloom differentiates itself by engaging the user in a series of potential activities before actually presenting them with a "match". Relationships are built with just a few simple clicks. Be social again.

Currently, Bloom is only in the greater Los Angeles area, but will be expanding into other markets in the near future.

Bloom is currently in development




Ree'AL Music

Nathan Gibbs, better known as Ree'AL, is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist representing the neighborhood of East Harlem in New York City. Since the age of 12, Ree'AL has been a local celebrity. Showing his talents in very borough, Ree'AL has been taking over the New York City, and anyone who hears his music cannot deny the talent. 

Ree'AL Music is a platform is showoff his skills as an artist. It features unreleased tracks of his upcoming album, photos, album artwork, and music videos. The unique design and smooth layout off the application perfectly mirrors Ree'ALs style as a hip-hop artist.

The world needs to know about Ree'AL, and Ree'AL music is the perfect outlet. 

Ree'AL Music is still in development